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George Wood imported cows and sold “sanitary” milk.

The company grew rapidly as demand for dairy products increased.

Perhaps some of your personnel should be assigned some time each day to do some cleanup of the area. Reply At your store in Hampton, Virginia at the intersection of Mercury Blvd and Jefferson Avenue there are loiterers that stand out side of both the front and rear entrances all the time constantly asking customers for money. Every weekday morning there are up to 15-20 EA HOLDING vans getting gas and illegally parking throughout the facility to the point where you cannot get in or out of the lot.

I have seen customers turn around and go back to their vehicles and leave instead of going to make a purchase. They now have decided that rearranging their cargo in the vans in your parking lot is acceptable.

In the future maybe take some time and treat your customers as family ,not just a number that walks threw the door . They have gotten rid of all the good soups and arent even offering anything decent.

I used to rave about Wawa soups its not even worth going in. Reply Today about pm I went to the wawa store #688 on Butler Rd. I had went in to use the ATM machine and buy some items. The transaction worked on the machine except one thing, it didn’t dispense and money, but said transaction complete, at which I received a text message saying it was deducted from my account. I went to a worker of wawa and this person was like we can’t do nothing about it, and basically had no idea of how to help me,and really seemed like she didn’t want to.

He treats his staff clearly by favoritism of who will cover his screwups not the quality of their work.

Even your vendors cannot get in the lot and complain as well. It’s to the point where your gas sales to this company are costing you regular customers.I called my bank and thank god the agent knew what to do.The machine did do a reverse transaction because it did realize it had not dispensed any money, but I had no way of knowing that.Reply Your location in Bradenton, Florida, at the corner of 41 & 64, is constantly in need of a cleanup.Wrappers and containers of all sorts are always littering the parking lot, sidewalks, and roadways. You can call me 757-620-XXXX Reply The parking and access to the store at 132 Oxford Valley Rd is completely out of control.

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When you can go in on a daily basis at breakfast time and his deli staff can’t evwn remember to put cream chip beef on the toast and sends it out that way it is sad. The manager is giving leads to people who have no business being on those positions.

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