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" Noor Bashir asked Raphael, and the burly Haitian stud licked his sensuous lips, and a thoughtful look crept on his handsome face.After that brief pause, he looked right into Mistress Bee's eyes, and then told her what she wanted to hear, and then some.

Mistress Bee's way of avoiding the creeps that made up a significant portion of the BDSM world.

For Noor Bashir/Mistress Bee and other dominant women operating in NYC, this was a matter of survival.

Just because a man seeks out female dominant types and enjoys submission doesn't mean he can't be a woman-hating, deeply sexist creep.

"You look absolutely amazing, ma'am," Raphael said, and Noor Bashir resisted the urge to chastise this fine brother for speaking without permission.

They'd been talking for a couple of months now, at first only online, and then on the phone.

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