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“Which he clarified this week when he demanded that black people be fired for insufficient nationalism.” Trump, of course, has equated the conversation about the NFL protests to respecting the flag itself, arguing that kneeling disrespects soldiers and first responders.But “if anyone knows about treating soldiers and first responders with respect, it’s the guy that decided to fire transgender troops and deport paramedics who happen to be ‘Dreamers,’” Bee countered.The prime-time interview marks a return for Trump to Hannity's evening show.He previously appeared during the Republican primaries and also after his inauguration in January.And Alec Baldwin, Trump's most notable impersonator, wrote: "When Trump is convicted, I hope he serves his time in a prison in Puerto Rico."I care about what I sing as opposed to how many records it's going to sell.I want the people who really like me -- who like my singing and like what I stand for -- to hear it and be proud of it, but I don't consciously think about how to make a record that sells.Ryan Seacrest, as previously announced, will be reprising his role as host."As a singer, songwriter and producer, I feel I can bring a great deal of experience to the table," Richie said in a statement Friday. ”Bryan promised viewers the relaunch of the series is "gonna be a blast."“I’m excited at the chance to help some deserving artists reach their dreams,” Bryan said in a statement.

The pair will join Katy Perry for the return of the singing competition series, which originated on Fox.

The judges panel will make its debut appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Oct. "American Idol" is slated to premiere in March 2018 on ABC.

On traditional attitudes toward marriage and sex:"If you don't commit,” he told The Times in 1994, “you don't get hurt.

I was always unwilling to commit to marriage because I was afraid to lose the romance."On the Playboy brand's global status:"It has been said that the two most famous trademarks in the world are Coca-Cola and the Playboy bunny rabbit," he said in 1994.

"There is certainly no one else in our area that represents the American dream in this particular kind of way.

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