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She now has three feature films, 4 if you count I must say that say that I found Eric Calancha, the Torturer, to be one cold hearted, disturbed, sick Son of a Bitch.I mean that with RESPECT and admiration for his acting, which complimented beautifully the performances by Mila and Jane as they suffered under the whip.It was as if all of a sudden The Godfather's cast walked in.Jac took one look at Eric and knew he had his torturer. When he first mentioned to Jane that he was casting Eric for the role, she couldn't believe it. We're using Eric in future projects, he's part of our full time staff, doing post production and production work as well. One of my past girlfriends had a beautiful thick curly head of hair like Mila's.JJ cast himself in the role of the torturer at first, he didn't think he could get someone he could trust enough to do the job well...

...after getting over the shock of that, she is really pissed off that they woke her up. I received an e mail, recently, from someone here, I will not disclose his identity, not even under torture.

It touched me and I'd like to share it with you people, along with my comments, which I find necessary.

We're in the process of dissecting Margot Good afternoon.

It was a pleasure for JJ to work on this movie and it was great to work with our fantastic crew and the amazing cast, particularly those two great ladies, Jane and Mila.

I personally enjoyed the two opening whipping scenes of Mila and Jane.

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