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19, 2016, the National LGBTQ Task Force honored Miami Herald LGBTQ issues reporter Steve Rothaus with the 2016 Eddy Mc Intyre Community Service Award at its 20th annual Gala Miami.

This is the transcript of his speech, which he presented to more than 700 attendees at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

Several Canadians were also affected, a Canadian official said, further deepening the mystery.

Experts agree it is hard to see how any attacks could have been carried out or what the motivation could be.

A spokesman for the US embassy in Havana declined to comment.'The investigation to clarify this issue continues, and in order to be able to arrive to a conclusion, it will be crucial to count on the cooperation of the US authorities,' Rodriguez told the UN.'It would be unfortunate if a matter of this nature is politicized,' said Rodriguez. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida was among five Republican senators that a week ago called for President Donald Trump to retaliate against Cuba by expelling its diplomats and possibly shuttering the US embassy in Havana.

Rubio helped forge Trump's new Cuba policy, rolling back parts of the detente achieved under Democratic former President Barack Obama and taking a harder line on the Communist-run island.

Mary Downey, executive director of the Community Hope Center in Kissimmee, said she finds the practice “very worrisome.” “There is obviously a shortage of affordable housing across Florida,” said Downey, whose organization works directly with homeless and low-income individuals in Osceola County.

“The idea that money is intentionally being taken away from this year after year is disturbing.” Click here for the full Osceola News-Gazette story.

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