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Those that can hide the fact that they’re mutants often do, similar to when LGBT people live their lives in the closet.

Marvel’s X-Men made history in 2012 when they became the first mainstream comic to include a same-sex marriage.

He was an intellectual with bite but also had a heart of gold.

After the Fraction era, his credibility just went downhill and now he is just truly insufferable.

What did you think of an iconic Marvel character such as Iceman finally coming out as gay?

Does this mean the Iceman from Fox’s Farid has a Masters in Psychology and an M. He is the author of numerous books including Arousing the Legacy, Missing in Somerville, The Game Master of Somerville, and The Escaped Murderer of Somerville.

Please free to present damning evidence of Beasts crimes to commemorate this occasion.

#600 Image Credit: Marvel The X-Men comic book series has always run parallels with civil rights issues, most notably LGBT issues.

The stories focus on mutants that are shunned by society.

According to Vox, it was Bendis who back in 2012 introduced the idea of bringing the original X-Men (Beast, Iceman, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel) back to the present day.

Time travel was used to bring the younger versions of the characters into the same timeline as the older versions of themselves. ” What makes this scene so interesting is that the younger version of Iceman is more comfortable with his feelings than the older Iceman is.

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